Victorian Turquoise Ring 15k Gold

Jane Austen owned a turquoise ring that was made during the 1760s. It was a simple and elegant 9 karat gold ring featuring a bezel set cabochon cut turquoise stone. There is mystery regarding how it came into her possession. She may have inherited the ring, it could have been a gift, only she knew. The famous author lived from 1775 to 1817, during the Regency Era. In her novels, she describes a variety of jewelry in beautiful ways, noting its importance in English culture and in individual sentiment. This ring would have been befitting of Austen’s status as a member of the Hampshire gentry.

This turquoise ring was made approximately 100 years after Austen’s, during the Victorian Era. It’s paralleled in mystery, as there are no marks. But it’s not lacking in beauty or style. This ring was made for a lady to wear, and to be seen, at balls, or in town.

Handcrafted in 15 karat gold, this ring holds 11 round cabochon cut turquoise stones, likely Persian turquoise as evidenced by the robin’s egg blue color. The ring face measures 6.7 x 16.6 x 2.5 mm. The center stone is 3.2 mm in diameter. It was made around 1860, in England. This ring is a size 8 and weighs 1.7 grams.

Need a little glamour in your life? Try this turquoise stunner on for size!

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