Vintage Art Deco Silver French Signet Ring

In the ancient times of Greece and Rome, signet rings were likely the most valuable item a man could own. It was hidden away until needed to seal a letter or leave a signature. They were created in a world in which most people were illiterate, so using a symbol to identify authenticity made sense. They came to be a mark of nobility and status. At first, they were made in practical designs and as time went on, they grew more elaborate and a bit eccentric. But as most things do, they calmed down and the trend became much more logical. Nowadays, a signet ring isn’t necessarily used for signing a family name in crimson wax, but instead it can claim fraternity – such as the Freemason’s do, or for a university club or team.

A good signet ring is made by a craftsman who believes in quality, made by hand, like this beautiful vintage French piece. They’re meant to be passed down as an heirloom.

This vintage silver hexagon signet ring was handcrafted in France around 1920. It’s a size 6 ring that weighs 6.0 grams. The ring face measures 12.6 x 10.5 x 2 mm off the finger and the band width is 4.6 mm at the back. It bears the French crab mark, meaning it holds a silver fineness of at least 800 silver. It also bears a French maker’s mark.

This ring can be worn by a man or a woman, on the finger or on a chain around the neck. It’s an excellent example of craftsmanship and style.

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Item ID: RGA19810VA

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