Vintage Citrine Diamond Ring Cocktail

It looks like the sun as it sets in the west, over the horizon of the desert. It infuses the sky with citrus shades of orange, peach, and apricot. She would taste the dusk if she could. Instead, she’ll wear this ring, and gaze at it as its colors transform, as the sun sinks deeper and deeper into the earth.

This vintage citrine and diamond gold ring was handcrafted around 1960. It’s a size 4.5 and weighs 15 grams. This ring was made in beautiful 18 karat yellow gold. The center of this ring boasts a juicy citrine stone, deep cognac in color and beautifully faceted. It’s 6.06 total carats and measures 14.2 x 11.5 x 5 mm. On each shoulder of the ring lies a trilliant (trillion) cut diamond, measuring 5.3 x 5.3 x 1.6 mm. Each of the two diamonds are .25 carats, or .5 carats total weight for the ring. The face measures 17.8 x 19 x 7 mm, and the band width is 6.1 mm. It bears the gold purity content mark, ‘18k’, and has a maker’s mark.  

Stand out from the crowd with this gorgeous cocktail ring, as orange as the fruit and as luminous as the sun!

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