Vintage Masonic Silver Pendant Hallmarked 1937

The mystery of the Masons reaches back in history for centuries. Their trade began with the stonemasons, who were taught a highly skilled trade that was appreciated throughout the world. The creation of stone into geometric shapes was treasured and useful knowledge. In England and the rest of Europe, they’re responsible for building castles and cathedrals. The Masons have a long and murky history. As time progressed, especially during Medieval times, another group emerged that encouraged secret handshakes, passwords, and gatherings, they are called Speculative Freemasons. They’re known for their charity work, elaborate and sometimes unexplainable temples, and secrecy.

This vintage silver Masonic pendant was handcrafted in Birmingham, England in 1937. This piece is steeped in symbolism that remains a mystery to those who are not Freemasons. The miter square and compass are featured at the top of the pendant and have been known to mean that one should remember to square his actions by the square of virtue, and to circumscribe his passions and desires. This round pendant measures 52.2 x 39 mm and weighs 32.3 grams. It bears the anchor mark for Birmingham, the lion mark for English sterling silver, and the date letter “N” for 1937. The maker’s mark reads, “BMC”. The front of this silver medallion lists the years, “1914-1918”. The back of medal is engraved, “BRO. T.J. MATTINGLY.” “No 201”.

The modern day Masonic order was founded in 1717, at a pub in London, called The Goose and Gridiron. It was where the first official Speculative Free Masons pledged their allegiance.

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