Vintage Silver Basque Ring Rosary

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The air in the old church was warm and the light from the stained glass caught in her chestnut hair. Closing her eyes, she slipped the shining ring on her finger and felt for the first small sphere. Each dome was a prayer, and as she turned the ring, she softly repeated the prayer she’d learned as a child; “Hail Mary…”, she whispered, over and over. The ancient words quieted her mind and brought peace to her heart.

“Ongi ene gogoa,” or “Doing good is my wish.” These are the words inscribed on this gorgeous silver Basque ring rosary. The rosary was an important part in the Basques' religious devotions, but unlike other Catholic cultures which used a necklace of beads, the Basques wore a ring with ten bumps, or one “decade.” These rings could be easily hidden, and in England and Ireland they were sometimes worn for covert prayer, but as the culture shifted, people began to display them proudly as a sign of faith as well as style. They were worn as rings or, like this exquisite silver pendant, as necklaces. This superb piece measures 39.9mm high and 30mm wide, and weighs 5.1 grams.

This gleaming silver Basque ring rosary is as compelling as it is beautiful. Dangling from your neck, it is sure to garner curiosity and compliments.

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