Vintage Silver Biplane Airplane Cufflinks

The Wright Flyer was the first successful heavier-than-air plane to take flight. It was a bi-plane, invented by the Wright Brothers, and flown in December of 1903. This biplane marked the beginning of the pioneer era of aviation. Biplanes were more common than the monoplane, the aircraft we are used to seeing in the skies today. Biplanes could maneuver the skies better and more effectively than monoplanes. During World War I, there was a monoplane ban in the military due to structural failures in design. However, the double wing feature caused drag and so the monoplane won out due to speed and an improvement in design by the time the 1930s were over. Biplanes were still used for a few years but only in specialist roles.

These vintage silver biplane cufflinks were made in England in 1969. They’re in the shape of a flying biplane and together they weigh 8.1 grams. Overall, each cufflink measures 19.4 x 21.5 x 20 mm. They have English hallmarks, the lion, leopard head and date letter ‘o’ for 1969.

These cufflinks are a stylish set, meant for the stylish traveler in your life.

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