Wonderful Victorian Bog Oak Necklace

Bog oak has been used in jewelry since the early 19th century and thrived during the mid-1800s as new forming techniques were invented. It was used for mourning jewelry, like this piece likely was. It was used as substitute for the shinier, and rarer, jet. It was also worn to support Irish crafts, and Ireland in general, as this is where most bog oak originated.

Bog oak is created when trees are buried in peat bogs or bog-like areas. These trees are preserved from decay due to acidic environmental conditions for hundreds or thousands of years. It’s the beginning stages of wood fossilization. If bog oak stayed buried, it would become jet or even coal, after millions of years.

This antique Victorian bog oak necklace was handcrafted in England around 1860. A black snowflake-like motif makes up the front while a double necklace design makes up the sides, each part joined by triangular geometric bog oak beads. Bog oak is a black lightweight material with a matte finish. This piece measures 17.5 inches in length and weighs 35.2 grams. The front measures 34 mm in height. It bears no marks and has been acid tested. 

This piece sits on the neck somewhere between the fit of a choker and a short necklace. It’s lightweight and absolutely gorgeous. It’s the statement piece of your dreams.

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