All items will be shipped insured via UPS or FedEx. If you have a preference for UPS or FedEx or even USPS, please let us know right away and we will try to accommodate any requests. Please note that due to shipping and insurance limitations I cannot send packages to South Africa or some part of China. If you have an international address, please wait to hear from me to confirm your order. Please include your phone number with your order. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT I ONLY PROVIDE TRACKING INFORMATION UPON REQUEST AND ONLY TO VERIFIED SHIPPING ADDRESSES! You must e-mail me to request this information, it will not be automatically provided to you. 

PLEASE BE AWARE that many countries charge import tax on jewelry. Tax levels vary by country and I do not know them. This tax is the responsibility of the buyer. Please know your import tax level before purchasing, don't let this be a surprise to you and push the cost to much more than you wanted to pay. I will not ship items as gifts, please don't ask. Thanks!