Antique Edwardian Amethyst Drop Necklace in Silver Gilt

$ 1,630.00

She heard the front door open from the drawing room and sat up tall on the settee awaiting an her unknown visitor. There was one in particular that she was hoping for, wishing for really, and she wished desperately for a mirror so that she could check her hair, but dare not cross the room to the one hanging by the fireplace less he walk in and find her being vain. When the door to the drawing room opened, however, it was just the footman, George, and her heart dropped. Perhaps he didn't love her after all, perhaps he wouldn't come. Then she noticed George was holding out to her a small, carefully wrapped parcel on a silver tray, which she took with girlish delight. When she asked who had delivered it, he simply shrugged, but she could tell from his laughing eyes that he knew full well who it was from. She thanked him and he scurried out lest she quiz him some more.

She sat with her heart fluttering, turning the parcel in her lap and examined it for clues, but it was just brown paper tied with navy blue ribbon. Unwrapping it revealed a blue jewelry box which opened to display a draperie necklace, its gilded silver strands dripping with light and smokey violet amethysts; stones which she knew right away would perfectly matched the unusual color of her eyes. The jeweler's mark in the lid hinted at luxury and timeless craftsmanship, but the sender's identity remained a well-kept secret. Except that, of course, she knew, and she knew she loved him, too.

As she delicately fastened the necklace about her long, swan-like neck, the gentle radiance of the amethysts seemed to whisper of affection from her hidden admirer. The weight against her collarbone became a comforting reminder of a love that she knew would transcend time.

This wonderful silver gilt amethyst draperie necklace was hand crafted in England in about 1890 and is set with 10 sparkling gems which add up to about 30 carats in all, the largest stone measures 14.5x10.5x6.8 mm. The necklace is gilded silver with rich yellow golden finish, it is not marked but we’ve tested it. The necklace is 17 inches long and weighs 10.6 grams.

Years later on evening strolls with his hand tucked into her arm, she still proudly wore it and thought of that delightful day as the necklace caught lamplight, casting a soft, violet glow that mirrored the gemstones' twilight hues.

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