Antique French Silver Glass Beaded Rosary

$ 500.00

The rosary is an expression of faith and devotion, guiding believers through the recitation of prayers and meditations on the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Each bead represents a prayer, a moment of contemplation, and a connection to the divine.

This French silver glass beaded rosary is a sacred relic of devout spirituality and exquisite craftsmanship, encapsulating the rich religious heritage of France. This rosary measures 21.75 inches in length and weighs 84.5 grams; it bears witness to the meticulous artistry and attention to detail that characterizes French religious artifacts. The richly faceted beads are a testament to the ingenuity of French artisans, crafted from shimmering glass with a luminous silver hue. Six beads, a palpable presence and weight in the hand, measure 10 mm. The smaller beads, averaging 8.7 mm in size, provide a delicate contrast.The hallmarked boar's head affirms the rosary's provenance and adherence to French silver standards.

Beyond its material beauty, the rosary embodies a profound spiritual significance, serving as a conduit for prayer and reflection. With each bead counted and prayer whispered, believers find solace, strength, and communion with the divine.

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