Antique Georgian Cross Paste Gold Pendant

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The Georgian Era saw quite a few upheavals in fashion and culture in its 100 + year history. While fashion influenced jewelry design, and different gems saw their popularity rise and fall, one constant throughout was the cross. Both a sign of ones faith and devotion, the cross was also fully a part of the fashion of the times. For most it was a part of their daily wear. Depending on social status and wealth, one might own a gem set cross, an unadorned cross of gold, silver or even one carved from agate or jet. For those special occasions though, if one were of a certain status in Georgian society, there were crosses that were almost as much a celebration of a jeweler's skill and inspiration as they were a celebration of the divine. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, the end of this era saw intricate designs, with metal smiths using twisted gold wire in foliate designs called cannetille work. With an emphasis on intricacy and exquisite detail, this style choice made to celebrate god's creation also made the piece pop with just one glance. This stunning late Georgian cross is an excellent example of this level of craftsmanship.

Made in England around 1820, this antique 18k gold cross pendant and brooch was handcrafted by a master jeweler at the height of the Georgian era. This breathtaking piece showcases superb gold smith work with five large and lively blue paste stones set in the shape of a cross. Pastes? You say? Yes, that's right, at the time when this cross was made, paste gems were the cutting edge of technology and as such were extremely coveted, for a time they cost more than gems of the same quality and size. Fit for court, this regal cross measures an impressive 82.5 x 62.5 mm and it weighs 22.8 grams. Though unmarked, it has been professional acid tested for gold content.

This breathtaking cross shows off the skills of a master goldsmith that can only be found in Georgian Era jewelry. It’s a collector’s piece and when worn, it has bragging rights!

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