Antique "Love Conquers All" Brooch Cupid Lion Cameo Pinch

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In the intricate tableau of a Victorian brooch, the allegory of Cupid astride a lion unfolds; a captivating narrative that transcends classical mythology into a symbol of courage entwined with love. Cupid, the perennial symbol of desire, takes an unexpected role as the lion's master, transforming the brooch into a profound allegory. Cupid, with wings unfurled, symbolizes the ethereal nature of love, while the lion, a creature of strength and majesty, represents the formidable power of passion. Together, they form a harmonious allegory of love's ability to tame even the most powerful forces.

Hand crafted in England in about 1890, the intricacies of the carving of this cameo breathe life into the delicate figures. Encased in an unmarked Pinchbeck frame, the brooch becomes a wearable canvas of allegorical beauty. This large cameo measures 50.5x62 mm and weighs 23.7 grams. 

As it graces the wearer, this Victorian masterpiece invites contemplation—a reminder that love, much like the seemingly untamed lion, can be a force both fierce and enchanting, an allegory captured in precious detail on a canvas that transcends time.

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