Antique Opal Diamond Marquis Ring French c.1890

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Imagine a Parisian salon, where the flickering glow of gas lamps accentuates the elongated and tapering shape of an opal—a gem that witnessed conversations filled with poetry, politics, and passion. This opulent piece tells a story of evenings spent in the company of visionaries, its distinctive elongated marquis cut reflecting the ever-shifting lights of those captivating conversations. The intricate gold detailing, reminiscent of the Belle Époque, whispers tales of meticulous craftsmanship and a dedication to artistic expression.

Hand crafted around 1890, this ring is a true relic from the Victorian era. It entrances the mind and the eye with its marquis-cut opal and surrounding 26 diamonds. The long, slim cabochon cut Lighting Ridge crystal opal measures 20 x 4.5 x 3 mm and has a carat weight of approximately 0.91 carats. The 26 diamonds in the surround are a mix of double rose cuts and early old European cuts, each measures 2 x2 x1mm. North to south this ring measures 25 mm and is 8.5 mm across and stands 6.5 mm off the finger. The 18k gold size 5 band is 2mm wide. The ring bears the French owl hallmark and mask hallmark indicating a minimum gold fineness of 18 karat.

As you wear this French Victorian ring, you carry a piece of history—a gem that adorned a hand that might have once held letters from poets or signed treaties. Let the unique shape of the marquis-cut opal be a portal to the past, where elegance met intellect, and where this ring was more than jewelry; it was a witness to the unfolding drama of an era.

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