Antique Owl Head Stick Pin Garnet Eyes 18k Gold

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In the shadowy corners of Victorian London, a mysterious figure known only as The Golden Owl emerged, left behind a trail of tales and intrigue. At the heart of these enigmatic stories was a captivating owl's head with hypnotic garnet eyes. Legends whispered that whoever possessed The Golden Owl's emblem held the key to unraveling the city's unsolved mysteries.

Handcrafted around 1880 by an elusive artisan, this charming 18-karat gold stickpin features a petite golden owl head with intricately etched feathers and a wide gaze seemed to pierce the veil of secrecy. The deep red garnets eyes are rumored to be infused with ancient wisdom. Its hallmarks have been worn over time, only an “A” is recognizable, but I purchased it in England and suspect its origins lie there. The pin stem is 71.3 mm long and the top measures 8.3x7.5x6 mm and weighs 3 grams.

Worn discreetly on lapels and cravats, it transformed its possessor into a participant in the clandestine affairs that unfolded in the gas-lit alleyways and grand ballrooms of Victorian society. This owl head stickpin is more than a fashionable adornment; it is a conversation starter, an emblematic link to the Victorian fascination with nature and hidden meanings.

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