Antique Victorian Gold Enamel Flower Earrings

$ 527.00 $ 620.00

She sat on a white wicker bench on the edge of her garden, sipping sweet tea, waiting for nothing in particular. It was springtime and she wore the earrings to match her colorful blooming flowers, as the sun rays shined down upon her. It had been a while since she’d smelled the roses, and ignored the rest of the world, and just sat, surrounded by this moment of serenity. The creek down the way bubbled. She listened to the birds as they sang and fluttered. She closed her eyes and felt the noontime light on her back, warming her soul, melting away the last vestiges of the long, cold winter, and making her smile.

These beautiful late Victorian antique earrings were handcrafted around 1900, in England. They feature a stunning enameled flower motif, set in 15 karat gold. They’re round in shape with overall measurements being 36 x 21 mm. Together, they weigh 6.8 grams. They are unmarked and have been acid tested.  

Wear a bouquet of flowers on your ears with these blooming enameled earrings!

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