Art Deco Opal Diamond Gold Ring

$ 1,850.00

Her curtains were pulled aside, revealing a black night sky, without a star or moon in sight. The wind was heard but she was busy, writing, passionately creating a story of mythical creatures and happy endings. The flicker of candlelight emanated from the tall dark red candlesticks burning in the corner. The flame’s light hit the ring on her right hand, the hand scribbling wildly with a feather quill on thick parchment. The ring glowed as though she had the sun hidden somewhere inside of it. Her content ginger cat sat on the edge of her oak desk, watching the specks of light that jumped from the prismatic opals on her ring to the darkened walls of the library, like a kaleidoscope.

This vintage English Art Deco ring was handcrafted in London, in 1925. There are five luminescent round cabochon opals set on a square face. The center opal is the largest, measuring 4.5 mm in diameter and 1.9 mm deep. The other four are all 3.3 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm in depth, approximately. This gorgeous 18 karat gold piece is truly Art Deco in its display with dazzling colors, and geometric shape. It is fully hallmarked and bears the crown for England, leopard head for London, the gold purity mark, ‘18’, and the date letter, ‘k’. This ring is a size 5.75 and weighs 4.5 grams.

Wear the Jazz Age around your finger with this fiery opal ring! It would make a fantastic birthday gift, or just a fun little accessory for yourself.

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