Edwardian 7-Stone Ruby Diamond Ring 18k Gold

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She unwrapped a package to reveal a delicate ruby ring within. Tears welled in her eyes as she beheld the symbol of their enduring love, the vibrant ruby reflecting the warmth of their shared journey. As he slipped the ring onto her finger, they were transported back to the day they exchanged vows, promising to stand by each other through life's joys and sorrows. Each ruby facet sparkled with 40 years of memories; laughter, tears, and the countless moments that had woven the fabric of their love.

Hand crafted in about 1915, this ring boasts seven resplendent stones: rubies nestled amidst diamonds that sparkle like stars in the midnight sky. At center is a 0.20 carat ruby surrounded by 4 rose cut, 1mm diamonds and two additional rubies totaling .12 carats complete the line up. This delicate ring weighs 1.8 grams and is a 7.25 US size. It measures 6 mm north to south, 19 mm across and sits 2 mm off the finger, it has two sweet hearts engraved in the shoulders. Four hallmarks adorned this masterpiece: the crown symbol showing it was made in England, the number “18”, signifying the gold's purity, an Anchor, though worn down, a nod to its Birmingham origins; and a fourth, now too faded to decipher, hinting at mysteries lost to time.

With hearts full of gratitude, they embraced, knowing that their love, like the ruby's timeless glow, would continue to illuminate their path forward. In that simple moment, surrounded by the echoes of their years together, they found solace in the beauty of a love that had only grown richer with time.

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