French Silver Sovereign Case Pendant with Mistletoe Motif Art Nouveau

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She tucked the chatelaine into her belt and checked the items which hung off of it, there was a silver pencil and a tiny silver bound notebook with reusable ivory pages, there was a thimble in a silver case, a tiny pin cushion with several pins and a needle in its red cushioned top, there were keys and there was a sovereign case with a wonderful mistletoe pattern repoussed on it front and back, it was her prized possession, a gift from a French Vicomte who’d had eyes for her as a younger woman. She popped the case open and checked it’s contents, satisfied that she had all the money she’d need for her errands, she snapped it shut and headed to town.

This sovereign case is a relic from a past where things were made with love and care, with an eye to beauty and longevity. It is repoussed front and back with a very Art Nouveau motif, the mistletoe. The push button top pops it open to reveal two spots to hold your coins. This large case would make a fantastic pendant or watch fob; it measures 65 mm north to south and 28 mm across, and is 12.7 mm thick. This case was made in France in about 1890 and is hallmarked with the French boar’s head mark. It weighs 29.8 grams.

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