Georgian Pearl and Hair Brooch Pin 18k Gold

$ 320.00

Hair-work held immense significance during the Georgian era, serving as a tangible connection to loved ones at a time when photographs hardly existed and portraits were expensive and rare. The meticulous weaving of hair within a brooch speaks to the sentimentality and craftsmanship of the time. Each strand carefully entwined, preserving a piece of someone's essence for generations to come. The juxtaposition of pearls and woven hair creates a striking contrast, symbolizing the intersection of beauty and emotion.

One such exquisite piece is this Georgian gold brooch adorned with a double frame of creamy natural pearls and featuring a woven hair center, crafted in England in about 1825. Forty six pearls symbolizing purity and sophistication surround the intricately woven hair at its center. The inner row of 22 pearls measure 2-2.5 mm in diameter while the outer row of 24 pearls measure 3-3.5 mm. Overall the piece measures 19.3 north to south, 24.6 mm across and is 7.6 mm thick, itweighs 6.1 grams. This brooch exemplifies the delicate elegance and sentimentalism prevalent in Georgian jewelry, it is unmarked but has been tested as 18 karat gold, the pin stem is about 12 karat.

Whether as a remembrance of a departed relative or a token of affection between friends or lovers, hair jewelry was deeply personal and cherished. As a relic of the past, this Georgian brooch not only reflects the artistic prowess of its time but also encapsulates the intimate narratives and emotions of those who wore and cherished it. Its beauty serves as a reminder of the enduring power of sentimentality and craftsmanship across centuries.

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