Mizpah Silver Locket Engraved Front and Back

$ 580.00

He left her with a kiss and a small leather box trimmed in gold. She stood and watched the trail of dust from him horse until he was smaller than a speck and the dust settled to earth. She knew, deep in heart, that he would come back to her, but the pinch she felt deep inside was a real pain. Worry, concern, prayer, she knew they’d be her constant companions until he returned.

When she could no longer see any sign of him, when her eyes were sore from straining on the horizon, she turned them down to the box in her hands. Even though she’d been holding it, she was somehow surprised to see it, she had forgotten it was there. With a slightly trembling hand she untied the ribbon, rolling it carefully for future re-use as was her habit, and tucking it into a pocket. She thought she could feel the heat of his hand still on the box. When she flipped it open, she gasped a little. A beautiful silver locket lay in a maroon velvet interior, on the front was one word “Mizpah”, and her heart opened as the pinch loosened a bit.

A Mizpah is a promise, a watchtower, a promise to return, a prayer and a wish that the lord watch over the receiver until the giver should return. This Mizpah locket has a giant M on the front which is formed from conjoined branches of wood, a further Victorian nod to love, as love knots were popular and they drew a direct line to the knots in wood as well as a knot made from rope.

This wonderful locket was hand crafted in sterling silver on the front and back laid over an interior metal frame, what the English call a ‘back and front’ locket. Beautifully detailed and of an excellent size, this lovely locket is just so sentimental. This one measures 55 mm from top to bottom and 37 mm across, it’s 11.2 mm thick and weighs 19.2 grams. This locket is unmarked but has been carefully acid tested to verify its silver content.

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