Victorian Silver Enamel Dog Horseshoe Bangle Bracelet in Box

$ 2,720.00

As the lid is lifted, a sense of anticipation lingers in the air, for within lies not only a cherished piece of Victorian splendor but also a testament to the love that we humans bear our canine companions. This Victorian silver bangle, embellished with a double buckle, horseshoe, and a captivating enamel dog motif, carries with it the spirit of a refined age.

At the heart of this splendid bangle lies the captivating enamel portrait of a Newfoundland dog, a breed known for its loyalty and regal demeanor. The skilled artistry brings the pup to life, as shades of black, brown, and white intertwine harmoniously, capturing the essence of its majestic coat. With every movement, the wearer's wrist becomes a canvas, showcasing the graceful motion of the dog, its eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief and devotion.

Measuring 7.5 inches around, this meticulously crafted design showcases the attention to detail that defined the Victorian aesthetic. The double buckle, symbolizing strength and endurance, elegantly graces the bangle on either side of the lucky horseshoe motif at the center. Inside the horseshoe is the wonderful enamel miniature. Overall the bangle measures 33.6 mm north to south and weighs 48.3 grams.

The bangle came to me and will come to you enclosed within a box that bears the inscription "E. Huxtable, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Queen Street Newton Abbot”. I don’t know if this bangle started out life with this box or if they found each other somewhere along the way, but both are of English Victorian origin and were made around 1870-1880.

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Item ID: BE0822062VS

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