Victorian Silver Scottish Carnelian Bloodstone Brooch Pin

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Legend has it that Scottish agate brooches were believed to possess protective powers against evil spirits and misfortune. Mothers would pass down heirloom brooches to their daughters, as a symbol of protection and fertility, imbued with the hopes of safeguarding them from harm and bringing prosperity to their lives. There are tales of travelers who journeyed through the Scottish Highlands, seeking out local artisans renowned for their skill in crafting agate jewelry. These artisans were said to infuse their creations with special blessings and incantations, enhancing their protective qualities.

Crafted in the 1880’s this Scottish brooch features agate stones in striking rust and dark green tones, capturing the essence of Scotland's rugged landscapes. The overall design is symmetrical and balanced, with cut and polished agate stones set in finely crafted silver oval rings and a central cross shape, adorned with intricate engraved designs. This brooch weighs 10.4 grams and measures 40.6x50.3 mm and 14 mm in depth.

While superstitions may seem quaint or whimsical to our modern sensibilities, they were engrained in the cultural fabric of Scotland. Versatile and timeless, this brooch can be worn as a statement piece effortlessly elevating any outfit. And bonus if it holds the power to shield its wearer from the forces of darkness and adversity.

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