Antique Edwardian Silver 'Regard' Brooch Pin

$ 150.00

What a romantic brooch this is! The term ‘Regard’ was a common motif found in Victorian jewelry, as it was meant as a shortened version of the phrase “with my regards”, as though it was at the end of a long love letter, or “I highly regard you”, meaning someone holds you dearly to his or her heart!

This sentimental antique Edwardian brooch pin was handcrafted in Birmingham, England, in 1910. It’s made in sterling silver and is embossed with the adoring word, ‘REGARD’. It’s fully hallmarked and bears an anchor for Birmingham, a lion passant for English sterling silver, the letter code, ‘l’, for 1910, and a maker’s mark that reads, ‘W.D.B’. It weighs 2.2 grams and measures 14.7 x 44 mm.

This affectionately romantic brooch pin would look lovely on your blazer, clutch, or scarf!

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