Antique French 60" Long Guard Chain Necklace in 18k Gold, c. 1900

$ 6,280.00

It's Sunday afternoon at the club. It's business meetings and cigars. You know your perfectly cut beige suit stands out among the pleated navy and gray pants. But, you drink the good scotch, you sit up straight, don’t fidget, stay engaged, your phone is tucked away in your purse where it belongs. You're the well-traveled one of the lot and you can tell that Todd from two tables down is intimidated by your doctorate, even though he has one too. It's just that sense you give off, that confident radiation of poise and intelligence.

Handcrafted with 18k gold, this French Long guard chain was create around 1900. It has a wonderful hand made feel, the little links are so creative and lively, with plaques that make it flash and twisted wire centers for extra sparkle (and wit, like you!). It measures 60" in length and weighs 39.2 grams. It is hallmarked with the French eagles head and has been acid tested. It’s wrapped three times around your neck today, but when you go out tonight you’ll take off this beige jacket, undo the top button on your navy button down shirt and change it up, two wraps, one short like a choker and a long length that nestles right between the ladies.

You're a force to be reckoned with. And everybody knows it.

These French long guard chains originally were worn with a pocket watch and the length made it very easy for a lady to check the time. They would be worn as a single length with the watch hanging from the hanger and usually a woman would tuck the watch into her waistband allowing the chain to loop across her chest. As such, they don't open at the end, but rather have a clasp hanging from the full, closed, loop of chain. If you'd like to wear this chain as a triple, we'll need to have our jeweler change the clasp so that the chain will have an opening, like a regular chain would have. This is easily done and we're happy to do it upon request!

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