Antique Victorian Carved Jet Bracelet

$ 980.00

Step back into the somber elegance of Victorian England, a period where mourning rituals were an art form of their own. Amidst the expressions of grief and remembrance, behold a striking wide bracelet, an emblem of mourning that pays homage to the departed with unmatched solemnity. This piece, carefully crafted to capture the essence of mourning etiquette, showcases an exquisite display of carved jet links strung around the wrist.

Jet, a gemstone formed from fossilized wood, emerged as a poignant symbol of mourning during the Victorian era. Its deep, lustrous black hue served as a somber reminder of life's transience and the solemnity of loss. As each link of jet was meticulously carved, artisans poured their skill and dedication into creating a wearable testament to grief, elevating the bracelet to the status of a cherished heirloom.

Hand crafted in the Victorian era, these links would have been stung with cord that tied around the wrist but have been restrung onto stretchy black elastic cord which makes this bracelet very comfortable when worn. The wide design of this mourning bracelet accentuates its profound significance, enveloping the wrist with an air of solemnity and reverence. Each link, intricately carved with remarkable precision, weaves a narrative of love and loss.

This lovely piece dates to about 1860 and the links are about 50.5 mm wide and 8 mm thick. The bracelet weighs 50.6 grams.

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