Antique Victorian Collar and Locket Necklace with Buckle Motif Locket in Sterling Silver

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The year is 1348. You're dancing in a gown made of silk and velvet, color blocked in red, violet, and indigo. Rich gold thread embroidery whirls around the dress. King Edward III twirls you on the floor, your yellow hair spins with you as you grin. You give him a wink, just quick enough so no one else may see. In the middle of another turn, your blue buckle garter falls to the ground and everyone stops, even the music is silent. Courtiers begin to laugh and your cheeks turn pink with the commencement of humiliation. 

With modern day chivalry, His Majesty picks up the garter and with humor and charm, places it on his own leg. He looks at you warmly before addressing the crowd, declaring, "Shame to him who thinks evil of it." Thusly marking the beginning and setting the symbolism of the most prestigious honor in England-The Order of the Garter. 

This English Victorian silver collar and locket set was handcrafted around 1880. The locket is beautifully engraved with a buckle, a nod to the Order, and when opened it reveals a fame to hold your photo or small keepsake, it snaps shut securely. The locket measures 62.8 mm from top to bottom. The collar links join together before draping down to a single line to display the lovely locket. This piece tests as sterling silver, it bears no hallmarks. It is 17.75" long and weighs 48.9 grams. 

The Order of the Garter has been going ever since, and although the story of its origination has faded over the past 700 years, the myth and mystery remains intriguing. And you will be too, when donning this mysterious locket. 

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