French Griffin Rose Cut Diamond Gold Brooch Pin

The eagle has long been thought of as the King of the Birds, out-sizing and out-majestic-ing all of the lesser flying flocks. For just as long the lion has been known as the King of the Beasts, out-running and over-powering the wildest of foes. So, here is the Griffin, with the wings of an eagle and the head of a Lion. The griffin was devised to reign supreme as the King of Bird and Beast alike. Powerful and majestic, it holds dominion over all creatures, the great and the small.

Fabulously detailed both front and back, this circa 1890 French Griffin brooch looks like it might fly away at any moment. This brooch displays the kind of workmanship for which Parisian jewelers were famous. It is hand crafted in all 18 karat gold and holds a, silver set, 2 mm rose cut diamond in it's talons. Overall the brooch measures 65 mm across, 30 mm high and 12 mm deep. This wonderful brooch could be easily converted to a necklace, our jewelers would be happy to assist in making this happen. This piece bears the French assay marks of the eagles head (for 18 karat gold fineness) and the owl.

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