Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Onyx Pierced Bangle

$ 187.00 $ 220.00

Once worn by a señorita during festive fiestas and elegant soirées, the bracelet carries with it memories of laughter, music, and the warmth of Mexican hospitality. As the sunlight streamed through the shop window, casting a soft glow upon the bracelet, a woman entered, her eyes immediately drawn to the gleaming silver piece. With a gentle smile, she reached out and delicately lifted the bracelet, feeling a connection to its storied past.

This fabulous bangle is Mexican in origin, which isn’t something that I usually buy, but great jewelry is great jewelry and I wasn’t going to let this beauty get away from me. Hand crafted in Mexico, I couldn’t really say when, but it’s certainly vintage. This bangle weighs 36.8 grams of sterling silver with a single large onyx cabochon. The overall piece measures 40mm north to south, 65mm east to west and 45mm from top to bottom. The onyx cabochon measures 13mm in length and is 9.5mm wide. It is marked “925”, “MEXICO” and “TC-01”.

In that moment, the vintage sterling silver Mexican bangle bracelet found a new home, adorning the wrist of a modern woman who appreciated not only its beauty but also the rich history and cultural significance it embodied. And as she wore it with pride, the bracelet continued its journey, adding another chapter to its timeless tale.

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