Victorian Era Tassie Seal Ring 14k Gold Intaglio Signet

$ 2,400.00

He put down the quill and picked up the wax, gently rotating it over the candle flame. This was the letter into which he had poured his heart, and he hoped against hope that it would soften her heart towards him. He was far away, fighting for King and country, but he thought of her constantly, recalling their witty rapport. He hoped her quick barbs were a cover for her affection for him, the way his were for her; he thought that they must be, as he’d often seen the laughter behind her eyes. In those laughing eyes he’d glimpsed the passion that brewed in her heart. He pressed his seal to the pool of hot wax and sealed the letter. And he hoped.

This antique Victorian era ring was handcrafted in Europe around 1880. It was made in 14 karat gold and is marked ‘585’. The oval seal is made of Tassie, a kind of early glass used in intaglio seals (named for its creator, James Tassie). It’s a translucent brownish-red color. It’s carved with the image of a Fleur-de-lis topped with a winged helmet and wreathed in swags of velvet. Tassies were generally made earlier than this ring and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Tassie was originally set into a Georgian fob and later reset into this ring. The Tassie measures 13.2x10.2 mm and the face of the ring is 17.5 mm north to south and 18.6 mm across, it sits 3.1 mm off the finger and narrows to 3.2 mm at the back of the band. This size 8.25 ring weighs 5.3 grams.

This fantastic ring will add a bit of instant ancestry to your life, it’s a great conversation starter and equally suitable for a woman or a man.

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